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Custom Resurrection Orders & Painting Services

Item Photos & General Information: The furniture Finisher will request information on the item client is requesting be refinished i.e. photos, dimensions, type of material the piece is, weight, what the piece will be used for, photos of the customers expectation for inspiration and ask general questions in regards to what the client’s expectation is for the finalized piece. Photos are considered a starting point and do not fully reflect the purposed quote. As with many items, photos do not always truthfully reflect the items condition. 

Quotes & Estimates:  to roughly calculate or judge the value, number, quantity, or extent of. Quotes and estimates are provided based on the work requested, the condition of the piece, the time and labor required and the cost of supply. We strive to offer transparent and fair estimates based out of the area we as a company reside. With that being said, an estimate is subject to change once Sandbar Resurrections obtains the piece(s). In some cases, the piece may require additional coats of paint, sanding, replacement parts, special primer to prevent bleed through etc. In this case, the Furniture Finisher will reach out to the client and advise of the changes that need to be made before going further. Client must agree to these terms and conditions. 

Deposits: All deposits are non-refundable and must be paid in full before any work is started. The client will provide their payment information and the payment will be applied toward the finalized invoice.  All deposits are based off time and work requested by said client and agreed upon between both parties. 

Local Pickup and Delivery: Sandbar Resurrections currently does not offer local pickup or delivery. However, we work very closely with a local company that offers pickup and delivery service for our clients at a reasonable rate. 

Shipping: General ship time frame is 3-4 weeks. Custom is solely reliable for shipping cost and materials for wrapping the piece. A quote will be provided with an additional $75 fee for wrapping materials, boxes etc. We offer two options for the customer to select which company they prefer. 

  • Greyhound Bus Shipping Greyhound is the most affordable option for shipping furniture items on the market being nearly a fraction of the cost of well-known shipping companies such as UPS, USPS, FedEx etc. Greyhound will only deliver to certain areas by door, most do not. The items are shipped from station to station; therefore, the client will need to pickup their piece from their nearest station (provided when given the shipping quote) when it arrives. Greyhound estimates a 7-day delivery once the piece is received. Sandbar Resurrections only ships with Greyhound once per month, hence the 3–4-week shipping. 

  • UPS/FedEx: Both UPS and FedEx offer door to door delivery. If you need the item delivered sooner than the 3–4-week time frame, this may be the best option for you. UPS and FedEx charge a delivery fee and a packaging fee and cost about 4x more than Greyhound. We understand UPS and FedEx are both trustable and well-known shipping services, however we highly suggest using Greyhound simply due to the cost of shipping. A quote will be provided. 


Client agrees to pay shipping cost in full. If using Greyhound, client agrees to pay the additional $75 materiel and handling fee. 

Damages: Sandbar Candle Company LLC DBA Sandbar Resurrections is NOT liable for furniture piece’s that may arrive damaged. We wrap the piece carefully to protect the piece as much as possible. As with shipping any item through any company, damages sometimes do occur. Please take photos of the damaged piece immediately upon receiving them. Client is responsible for filing a claim with the shipping company and agrees with Sandbar Resurrections damages terms above. 


Refunds: All sales are final. Customized furniture pieces are not returnable nor refundable. Custom Resurrected work is planned out and agreed upon before any work is performed by Sandbar Resurrections. If the client is not fully satisfied with the custom work provided and requests minor changes the client must advise of the changes requested before the piece is picked up and removed from the business location and the invoice has been sent and paid in full. There are no exceptions. Sandbar Resurrections reserves the right to decline additional services. 

Pre-finished furniture piece sales are final and purchased as is. If the client has purchased online, Sandbar Resurrections has the option to provide a store credit with each situation varying. All furniture pieces sold at Sandbar Resurrections are used and pre-loved therefore, most being antique and will have normal wear and tear. Each painted piece is unique, hand painted and may have some minor mishaps here or there. Sandbar Resurrections reserves the right to decline refunds, store credit and/or additional work. Client agrees to Sandbar Resurrections no refund policy above.

Custom Work Final Invoice: As stated above, Sandbar Resurrections will provide a projected plan when provided the estimate. Including the time frame expected to complete the piece(s). Client will be advised of additional costs such as adding new hardware, extra topcoats, extra sanding, replacement of furniture body and/or pieces etc. This invoice must be agreed upon between both parties, Sandbar Resurrections and the client before any work is started. Final Invoice will be paid in FULL before pickup and/or delivery. Sandbar Resurrections will not allow removal of the piece from the place of business until the final invoice is paid in full. Client agrees to Sandbar Resurrections Invoice Terms above. 

We would like to thank you for trusting our small business and giving us the opportunity to fully resurrect your used and loved pieces. We are looking forward to working with you!


Shipping items are not free. For a more exact shipping quote, please PM me with your city, state and zip code prior to purchase so I may provide a more accurate shipping quote. Please keep in mind the quote is estimated and can vary depending on when the item is purchased. Upon receiving the up-to-date ship estimate, the shipping will be added to the price and sent on the final invoice. Items are to be delivered within 3-4 weeks. Shipping cost and delivery times vary from state to state. Sandbar Resurrections does not offer local delivery, however, we work closely with another local small business that transports furniture at a reasonable rate.



We have several options for shipping, the most affordable option is using Greyhound Bus Shipping. They are VERY affordable and only being a fraction of the cost compared to the usual UPS. USPS, Fedex etc. Greyhound rarely will ship door to door, therefore when we get the estimate they will provide the closest Greyhound station to your zip code for you to pickup your item. You will be provided an email confirmation from Greyhound, along with a tracking number. Greyhound typically ships and delivers within 7 days, however, the closest Greyhound Station near our business is over an hour away. Therefore, we do multiple drop shipments twice per month, therefore leaving a 2-3 week shipping time frame.


In addition to the ship cost, we reserve the right to charge an additional $85 for the packing supplies required for shipping as Greyhound does not provide these items. For more information regarding Greyhound's terms & services please visit their website here 

Custom Resurrection Orders & Available Resurrected Pieces

All furniture items are refurbished or refinished, all pieces have been pre-owned with years of normal wear and tear. We strive to make each piece unique bringing it new life, with that said, it is normal to for these items to have sustained a few flaws which adds to the character and story behind each piece. All pieces are individually hand painted, there may be occasional visible brush strokes and minor imperfections.

*Small paint sample of base color provided with each piece upon request.




 Custom Resurrection Orders

*** Sandbar Resurrections DBA Sandbar Candle Company LLC is NOT liable for any damage that may occur during transit. Customer is responsible for filing a claim with the moving company, taking photos and documentation immediately upon arrival of piece to reflect damage. We do not accept refunds. All sales are final, please measure, and ask for additional pics or any additional info before you make your purchase. If there are issues with your purchase, please contact me directly.



In addition, all custom work requires a non-refundable deposit which will be discussed upon as we plan together your dream piece.

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